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Gulfpride® Two Cycle Marine Engine Oil is an ashless, two-stroke (cycle) engine oil formulated with high-quality base oils and an ashless high temperature additive system designed to control deposits and protect engine parts from corrosion and wear. It is licensed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) as a TC-W3® oil having successfully surpassed all NMMA TC-W3® testing requirements.

2 Cycle Outboard Engine Oil TC-W3
2 Cycle Outboard
Engine Oil
Feature and Benefits:

Gulfpride® Two Cycle Marine Engine Oil is formulated with an additive system specifically designed to minimize combustion chamber deposits, reduce spark plug fouling and pre-ignition. It offers outstanding rust and corrosion protection, excellent anti-wear properties for prevention of cylinder wall scuffing, and a green tint for easy identification (gasoline mixture may alter final color). Additionally, this product has a high temperature detergency additive package for maintaining cleaner engine parts, minimizing deposits on inlet and exhaust ports, as well as preventing ring sticking. When mixed with fuel, it resists the formation of harmful gels and deposits during temporary storage.


Two Cycle Marine Engine Oil is ideally suited for use in boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and other equipment powered by two-stroke gasoline engines requiring a TC-W3® or API TC product. Specifically, it is recommended for all water-cooled, two-stroke engines requiring NMMA TC-W3®, TC-WII®, and TC-W® type oils and suitable for use in Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) applications. It is perfectly suited for use in Outboard Marine Corporation (Johnson / Evinrude), Mercury, Chrysler, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki, as well as other outboard marine engine manufacturers. It may be used in many air-cooled two-cycle engine applications requiring TC-W3 or API Service Category TC performance. Recommended for use in most types of two-stroke gasoline engines lubricated by oil injected or premix systems. Do not use in 4-cycle engines. Always follow engine manufacturers’ dilution recommendations when mixing fuel and oil.

Typical Properties:
2 Cycle Outboard Properties Table of Product Teste
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