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Gulfpride® High Mileage Motor Oils are specially designed for gasoline engine powered vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. Based on extensive field testing, the oil has proven to reduce high temperature varnish deposits, and reduce ring sticking. They enhance fuel economy by reducing friction and wear. These oils are excellent for use in all seasons.

All viscosity grades meet the requirements of API SN and the latest ILSAC GF-5, as well as meeting the requirements of all previous API “S” categories, including SM, SL, and SJ.

Gulfpride High Mileage 10W-30 
High Mileage 10W-30 

Gulfpride® High Mileage Motor Oils will not harm vehicle emissions systems. They condition seals and make them less susceptible to leaks. They provide quick lubrication of moving engine parts, easier cold weather startability and low oil consumption at normal operating temperatures. They also contain dispersant additives which make for effective deposit control.

Typical Properties:
High Mileage Properties Table of Product Teste
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