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Gulfpride® Motor Oils are formulated from highly refined base oils and an advanced, thermally stable additive package designed to meet the lubricating demands and severe operating conditions in today’s higher-revving, hotter running engines. These products meet or exceed the latest automotive manufacturer’s requirements, including API Performance Category SN.

Gulfpride Motor Oil 40
Motor Oil 40
Feature and Benefits:

Gulfpride® Motor Oils provide very good low temperature pumpability and lower phosphorus levels for improved emission system performance. In addition, they also provide the following:


  • Good anti-foaming characteristics and shear stability

  • Resistance to thermal breakdown at high temperatures

  • Excellent protection from engine sludge and varnish deposits

  • Excellent anti-wear properties and bearing corrosion protection

  • Very good cold-cranking capabilities where multi-grade viscosities are specified


Gulfpride® Motor Oil SAE 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50, 30 and 40 viscosity grades are recommended for use in gasoline engine applications where motor oils of a higher viscosity are desired, particularly in applications involving high temperatures and severe duty service such as hauling boats and camping trailers at sustained high speeds for long periods of time. Gulfpride® Motor Oils meet API Service Category SN which is specified in most new car owner’s manuals but are also suitable for use in all earlier model vehicles calling for API service SM and SJ quality oils. In all cases, the car or engine manufacturer’s lubricant recommendations for API performance category and SAE viscosity grade should be followed (consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual).

Typical Properties:
Motor Oil Properties Table of Product Teste
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