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GulfTEC® Synthetic Motor Oils are fully synthetic, multi-grade automotive lubricants formulated to meet or exceed the warranty requirements of most major manufacturers of gasoline engines. 

GulfTec Full Synthetic 5W-20
Full Synthetic 5W-20
Feature and Benefits:

GulfTEC® Synthetic Motor Oils provide better fuel economy, oxidation control, and lower emissions than comparable conventional oils. They also provide for enhanced sludge and deposit control, leading to better overall cleanliness of the engine. They have been formulated and tested to protect the seals in today’s engines. They contain additives to help mitigate the effects of water retention and absorption, which can occur when using 

ethanol-containing fuels. 


GulfTEC® Synthetic Motor Oils are suitable for use in all seasons. All viscosity grades are licensed with the API under the SN specification and API License Number 0228 and exceed the requirements of all previous API “S” categories, including SM, SL, and SH. All viscosity grades are licensed as API Resource Conserving and ILSAC 

GF-5 and meet the requirements of all previous “GF” specifications. 

Typical Properties:
GulfTec Full Synthetic High Mileage Properties Table of Product Teste

*Refer to the vehicle’s owner manual to determine which viscosity of dexos1® is recommended for your vehicle. 

dexos1® is a trademark of General Motors Corporation. 

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